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A detailed examination of the sources behind Dungeons & Dragons - where all those monsters, spells, ideas and other things originate from.

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  • edit Dungeons & Dragons - Origins Wikia
    edited by FandomBot diff
    Summary: Removal of a deprecated <hero> tag
  • new page Lolth
    created by Marainein
    New page: Gygax's iconic spider demon-goddess, first appearing in the GDQ series of modules. In real world religions, spider-deities are uncommon, and are...
    Summary: started an entry for Lolth
  • new page Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome)
    created by Marainein
    New page: Svirfneblin (plural Svirfnebli) first appear in D2 - Shrine of the Kuo-Toa. Although the name appears reminiscent of old norse, it does not appear in...
    Summary: created a page for deep gnomes
  • new page Potion of Heroism
    created by Marainein
    New page: A potion that temporarily grants the drinker extra levels, with the consequent fighting and hit point bonuses. It may have been inspired by the magic...
    Summary: started article
  • new page Chain, Elfin
    created by Marainein
    New page: Likely from the mithril mail coat that Bilbo and Frodo wear in The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Note that that coat was made by dwarves, for an elf,...
    Summary: started elfin chain article, quote from The Hobbit
  • new page Ants, Giant
    created by Marainein
    New page: Although ant-people have appeared in literature all the way back to classic times (eg, the Myrmidons of the ancient Greeks, and Herodotus mentions...
    Summary: added a new entry for giant ants, speculating 1954 movie Them! as the source
  • edit Elves
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  • edit Elves
    edited by Marainein diff
    Summary: added quote about elves sleeping
  • edit Elves
    edited by Marainein diff
    Summary: special abilities and supporting quote about elves
  • new page Elves
    created by Marainein
    New page: Several ideas regarding AD&D elves seem to come from Tolkien's Legendarium. Some of these were either misunderstood or deliberately altered. As i
    Summary: elves - tolkien vs ad&d elves

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